Imprint Grips - Make Your Mark

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Why Imprint Grips make such a difference

Imprint Grips are moulded by you to the very size, shape and grasp of your own hands. You instantly have maximum contact between your hands and your bike and the contact is supported evenly; removing all high pressure points and providing the most comfortable grip shape possible. They're also a great way to truly personlise your bike!

Imprint Advantages


- Perfectly fit your own hands
- They're a great way to make your bike truly personal


- Maximum contact
- Maximum control
- Eliminates side slipping


- Eliminates callusing
- Extremely comfortable for any style of riding
- They support your hands in their most comfortable position and allow a full natural grasp of the handlebar


- Reduces required gripping force - it feels like the grip holds your hand too!
- Dramatically reduces fatigue in hands and arms

How to Mould Imprint Grips

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